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    My goal is to help you design a program that will give you the best health possible. If it is through, relaxation, pain relief or pain management, we have the right education and experience to help you get back on the perfect road to healthy living. We use herb formulas, tinctures, oil blends, and creams to help you regain your health. We will use many techniques including:


    Swedish Massage, Deep tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Cranial and Sacral Releases, Myofascial Therapy, Sports and Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Muscle Testing, Iridology, Clinical Nutrition, and Herbal Therapy.

    I will help you feel better though clinical massage. This will help relieve stress, pain, and relax and lengthen muscles. Massage helps relieve carpal, headaches dizziness, TMJ, sinus and much more.​ 

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    I use muscle testing to help analyze your body structural, physical, and nutritional needs.

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    As a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, I will help you choose better foods to strengthen your body.​

    As a natural health consultant, I suggest herbs that help strengthen, clean and heal your body. Herbs are simply the plants that we eat. They form the building blocks of your body’s healing process.​

    Your eyes are the windows of your body.  I analyze the iris to see what is happening to your tissue.​

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    For massage therapy  and health services.


    15 Minutes.......$15.00

    30 Minutes......$30.00

    45 Minutes......$45.00

    60 Minutes......$50.00

    75 Minutes.......$65.00

    90 MInutes......$80.00


    Gift Certificates are available.

    Please call 419-628-4152 to schedule.



  • Education

    Self Health Integrative

    Medical Massage School 

    Dayton, OH

    Advanced Therapeutic Massage Techniques, Myofascial Therapy

    January 1992

    Self-Health Inc., School of Medical Massage

    Lebanon, OH   

    Massage Therapist 

    May 1990

    Urbana University

    Urbana, OH   

    Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts 

    March 1983

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    Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5 pm  

    Saturday: 9 am - 12 pm





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    Connie Herkenoff




    106 N. Garfield Street Minster, OH 45865

  • Testimonials

    Recovery From Injury

    I just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put into helping me with my injuries and illness. I really appreciate it and don't think I would feel as well as I do today if it works for you. Thank's for always finding time to get me in when I needed help. Thank you very much.


    Connie aided tremendously in preparing my body for labor and healing after. As a certified nutritionist, Connie helped me choose the appropriate foods for my baby and myself. By eating right, I was able to gain an appropriate amount of way without the extra pounds that often calls more problems such as aches and pains in those last months, not to mention the frustration of losing them after the baby arrives. She also advised me to begin taking a special herbal mixture for the last five weeks my pregnancy to strengthen my muscles and tendons making my delivery much easier. Because my labor consisted of very little pain or discomfort, I was able to remain at home longer than many women before leaving the hospital. Because of the vitamins I had taken before labor and delivery, I quickly and without complications deliver my baby only one hour ten minutes after I arrived at the hospital. I was delighted to be able to deliver my baby naturally and also did not need any pain medication throughout my days of recovery in the hospital and at home. Each time I look at my child, I see the wonderful consequences of all the vitamins and herbs I have taken throughout the past years. She has not only received a clean bill of health from the pediatrician, but is also a very happy, content baby.

    A Better Way To Heal

    I would like to thank you for the wonderful work that you do as a natural health consultant and medical massage therapist. I must say that those two descriptions don't quite do you justice in my eyes. What causes me to say this is the unique methods and tools you have learned and diligently practiced to amazing proficiency. I have seen first hand how you are able to utilize these methods and tools for analysis and treatment and truly special ways. As a result, I feel grateful to have you as a healthcare provider.

    In my own experience, I have been to many different types of healthcare providers in a search for better health, and have always found myself looking for more. I always had the sense that a more comprehensive approach that was always systematic was needed to achieve the health that I desire in my life. I have found you able to provide this type of approach, which sets you apart in my mind as a healthcare provider.

    A simple truth that I understand is on the sign in your office that reads “it didn't come overnight, so don't expect it to leave overnight”, because it's reflective of the transforming work that you do. I have also found it to be equally true however that you are able to bring about immediate results. It has happened many times when I have seen you while experiencing specific symptoms, that through God and your work you have been able to bring me back into balance.

    It is my belief that the people that have the opportunity to see you walk away knowing you are doing work you were meant to do of your giftedness. I know I feel like the passion, competency, and determination you bring to discovering the underlying source of the problem and then working to find a solution using your unique tools and practices is truly a blessing.

    Of real benefit I appreciate with you is how you are able to speak on a personal level that is educational and imparts knowledge that hasn't just been learned, but discovered and practiced in your own life as well as in lives of many people that you know.

    I would recommend you to anyone who has a health issue that they want to address. In fact, I came to see you because a friend of mine and being spoke so highly of you from her own experience, her children’s, experience and even more so of the difference your workmate in the live one of her friends.

    Her sharing convince me that I was going to make it a priority to see you. As, I am sure you realize it was not a small commitment on my car as I live in Milford, Ohio which is a full two hours away from you one way in Minster, ohio. I have made this trip many times since as it has proven worth the effort.

    It is my pleasure to say I have achieved results with you that I have not been able to attain, previously despite years of effort. We both know that I am still working progress, but I am very thankful for the opportunity I have had to see you the past 10 months on a regular basis and follow. your advice my work with you has already been fruitful and I look forward to continued success moving forward.

    Cataracts and Joint Pain

    I came to your door, hurting but I couldn't cry. Have a seat you said and looked in my you saw things in my past; family problems, marriages that did not last. I feel forgotten by my own family. They went their way and I felt defeated. My journey was over. Was my life behind me, or just begun?

    The doctor said “I feel sorry for you. I have no cure. Oh we can give you pills that hide your pain but you may lose your will to live." Others said "Live with it. Others do. It's all in your head but you will have it till you're dead.”

    Then a blind man sent me to your door. I ask for relief but you gave me more. Thank God, you said you are not dead. Open your world with pleasant thoughts. Send your children some love each day. They will feel your care and will repay. The bridges still exist, they did not burn it. Tomorrow will come. Think of God, he is the one. Greet with kindness every one you meet. Oh someone will frown, but let them whine. Do not throw your pearls before swine. And there were often lots of wisdom too. Don't fill your veins with junk. Enjoy some simple things like bread and butter. Eat a stock of celery every day. You will feel better you do it my way.

    And then the doctor said "your eyes are going blind from cataracts." I went to you. I heard you say God will take care of them but you haven't open the door. Three days and it was gone! The doctor said what did you do with them? He was befuddled but I give the credit to you. There are other things. Knees that were problematic. Joints that wouldn't bend. Try this you will be better in the end. Lots of quiet changes began to appear. My children came to my door. Grandchildren called, a birthday, concerts, graduations. I became part of the family again. I smile a lot!  

    Regained Balance

    Before I first came to see Connie, on most days I would drag my right leg, lose my balance, and not be able to walk very far without my legs wearing out very quick after I would start walking. Now that I am coming to see Connie, I don't drag my leg much at all. I don't lose my balance is much and tests show that it is 60% better. I also can walk a lot further without my legs wearing out. I can really see a difference.

    Eye Health

    When I have a film come over my left eye.  Connie has been able to clear my I am make my site more clear.

    Quit Smoking

    I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I appreciate the encouragement you have been in my life. I don't doubt that the Lord is using you in so many lives. After we talked on Sunday, I prayed what you told me. When I got home an hour later, I went upstairs and asked me why all the windows were open. I walked in the den with our daugter and she pointed out that the shelf was empty where all John's pipes and tobacco work. He was airing out the room from the smell. John talked to me and told me something very different is going on inside of him for the past two days. I wanted to bless you with the news too. Thanks so much.

    Feeling Better

    After leaving your office, about one half hour, I began to feel that a load lifting from my chest in one hour later, I told my wife, and my whole body was tingling with life. I did not know I was feeling bad. It's wonderful. I just wanted to tell you, Love you. God bless.

    Pain Management

    After updating serious injuries from a car crash, I lived in pain every day. The only option I have from my doctors was drug therapy to ease the pain. After knowledge in that drugs only cover up the problem, I looked for better ways to improve my condition and overall health. Connie helped out tremendously with natural solutions for my problems.

    Regaining Health

    Connie was the first professional that I met that took the time to listen and understand my condition. With her knowledge of massage and herbs, I finally began to feel healthy and pain-free. Now I decade later and with Connies help, I am a healthy and active person once again.

    Thanks Connie!

    Foot Infection

    Three years ago I was bitten in my left foot by a spider. It was late Friday and I went to a local doctor because Connie was in California. It was Monday morning and he put me in the hospital. My foot was inflamed to the ankle joint. A second doctor was called in for the case. They had me on a schedule of antibiotics for six days. All day every hour. Awake. On the sixth day one doctor walked in and said, “I don't know what is wrong with you but I am leaving the case.” And walked out. Within an hour another doctor came in and said,” I am discharging you but come back to the hospital Monday and Tuesday for more shots of antibiotics.” I went to his office and he looked at my foot and said,” I don't know what is wrong with you but don't come back in my office with this foot.” He then warned me that they had completely sterilized me. I had no resistance to anything be careful. By this time Connie had returned. She said,” you have a viral infection, antibiotics have no effect on viruses.” She put me on herbs of her choosing. Weeks later I had a serious case of doubt. I was restricted to my own bed for a week. With herbs and diet I am recovering. I have no pain but have serious muscle loss but I am recovering slowly. Thanks to Connie.

    Back Injury

    I was tying my shoe string which has always been difficult. She asked,” can't you cross your legs?” I said no. She asked,”where you ever in an accident?” I said yes broken ankle and left wrist. I was in a cast for 14 weeks. Two weeks later I had severe back pain. Dr. sent me to a specialist. Spinal fusion was the answer. A neighbor said,” try an osteopath.” Two weeks later I went to one but he said,” this will bother you the rest of your life. This is a weakness.” I also have been to many chiropractors but never cared. They always said come back next week. Until Connie she said that weak muscle should be stretched. The results were like a miracle. Every day the back is stronger. No morning pain. I tried this for several weeks and I could walk better. My stride is longer. I feel like a new person. Thank God and Connie.

    Better Attitude

    Thank you so much for everything you do you are truly a very special person and a godsend. Thanks also for letting me send you your payment by mail.

    My mother was very taken by you and was so happy with what you did for her. Thanks for what you did for her. She has always had a strong opinion about religion and God and has been wary of those she considered hocus-pocus people. But she is changing for the better and you all leaving and you helped tremendously today. I love her very much and wanted her to have a happy fulfilling Life and I feel you have given her some much-needed help.

    She commented on a wonderful attitude you have on your outlook on life. I think you have inspired her to make some positive steps forward in her life and we can all use more of that. I told her you and I have known each other many years and how wonderful it has been to see you the progress you have made in your life and how you have evolved. We are all divine beings and creatures of life, but you have something special and a knowledge it. I know that you touch all those you come in contact with and I am grateful and honored to know you.

    I look forward to seeing you again and I want to tell you how I appreciate you. not just, for myself, but for the world as well. You mentioned needing help and I will like to walk you my services in anyway I can. Right now it doesn't seem that I have the time, but if God sees fit and things will fall into place.

    In case you do not have it, my phone number is XXX XXX X XXX. Oh one more thing, I noticed you had a sheet from my father attached to mine. Just wanted you to know he passed several years ago so you probably won't be needing his info again.

    Anyway, one thousand thanks to you for all you do until next time.

    Nerve Pain, Depression, and Cataracts

    In April, 2002 the right side of my face was in pain. I was referred to a local specialist in nerve problems and prescribed A new drug. The drug did not help. Just a painkiller. After some months of medication I developed a vision problem in my right eye. I was referred to a local optometrist and in turn referred to a nerve specialist in Westerville. I was told it was a side effect of the drug causing my vision problem. In March, I moved to New Bremen and had a tooth filled by a dentist. All of my face pain returned with greater intensity. The dentist referred me to a chiropractor and then I was referred to another neurologist in Piqua. I was told there was no cure for what I had. I would shield pain killers the rest of my life. I went to a massage therapist in Finley and then was referred to Connie Herkenoff. I went to her office while intense pain. She gave me 2 ounces of orange juice with two different herbs of her choosing. Within 10 minutes my pain ended! I took the herbs for six months to heal the nerve damage. A miracle but has changed my life. I also had other health issues that Connie helped with. I had pain in both knees and now I am pain-free. My tailbone has been straightened and this pain-free. My right eye cataract has disappeared. My depression has vanished. Love in my family has developed after years of indifference. She is help me with my spirituality and that has developed into the love consciousness and I change my life from fear-based to love based.

    Leg Inflammation

    The pain in my right leg was swollen and inflamed from my knee to the thigh. Connie help dissolve and get rid of the inflamed swelling and I am now getting rid of the harness in the vein. So far it's about 50% dissolved.


    Connie Herkenhoff truly has a unique gift from God. Blessed with the ability to see right to the core of an issue, Connie looks to the foundational level of the body to identify where fears, anxieties, anger and negative emotions are kept and helps the person release them. She also uses kinesiology to identify what toxins the body carries and to identify how best to help the person return to maximum health through vitamin and mineral supplementation. Within 6 weeks of meeting and working with Connie, my health is back on track. While I have a ways to go yet, for the first time in a long while, I feel confident that I can and will solve my physical health issues, thereby bringing all aspects of me into complete balance - mental, physical, spiritual and emotional.


    Thank you, Connie for sharing your amazing gift.

  • Resources

    Nutritional Balance of Protein Overgrowth

    Sugar = Honey


    Salt = Bragg's Amino Acid


    9 Weeks = 1 tsp. Red Clover Blend, 1 tsp. Whole Apricots, 6 Food Enzymes, 6 Parsley, 6 Pau de Arco


    4 Months = Make Fresh Daily - 1 qt. Carrot & Celery juice mixed ( 1 pt. Carrot & 1 pt Celery)


    4 Months = EAT ONLY - fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts ( especially almonds ), legumes, real butter and cottage cheese ( no salt ). OMIT ALL - animal protein, eggs, cheese and other dairy products, sugar, salt, white flour, peanuts.


    Do Not Use A Microwave


    15 Day Yeast Nutrition


    15 Day Yeast Nutrition

    2 tsp Can-Sol

    6 L-Acidophilus


    Eat No sugar, white flour, vinegar, mushrooms, prepared meats, canned goods or juices.


    Check label - anything that ends with -ose = sugar

    Avoid Aluminum


    Aluminum cookware is now acknowledged as a very bad choice for cooking food in. Throw out your aluminum cookware asap. Anodized metal is also coated aluminum. Glass cookware is best, but if you use metal cookware, choose either stainless steel or cast iron. Most teflon coated pans are aluminum based but there are now stainless steel pans with non-stick surfaces. However, there are controversies about the health affects of non-stick materials and so, to be on the safe side, these should also be avoided.


    Body Products:

    Aluminum can be found in toothpastes, nasal sprays, anti-antiperspirants, dental amalgams, cigarette filters and pesticides. Some metal cleaners contain aluminum oxide.



    Processed Cheese: Especially single sliced processed cheese which can contain aluminum as an emulsifier.

    Cake mixes, self-rising flour, prepared doughs, waffles.

    Non dairy creamers


    Baking Soda. Look for Aluminum free on box.

    Baking powder. Some brands contain aluminum. Chocolate Mixes: Highly absorbable aluminum maltol is used in instant chocolate mixes.

    Additives: The following additives contain aluminum compounds - E173, E520, E521, E523 E541, E545, E554, E555 E556, E559, bauxite (Aluminum dioxide)



    Antacids quite often contain aluminum trisilicate as does buffered aspirin. Antacids can contain 200 milligrams or more of elemental aluminum in a single tablet. Certain popular antacids contain aluminum hydroxide. Aluminum is present in popular over-the-counter and prescription medicines such as certain pain-killers and anti-diarrhea medicines.

    The principal symptom of aluminum poisoning is the loss of intellectual function; forgetfulness, inability to concentrate, and in extreme cases, full blown dementia. It is also known to cause bone softening and bone mass loss, kidney and other soft tissue damage, in large doses it can cause cardiac arrest. Many of those who have gone on to low aluminum diets have reported a reduction in irritability, headaches and significant improvements in memory and ability to concentrate Parents reported improvements in children suffering from behavioral problems.

    Sources of Aluminum Exposure:

    Sources of Aluminum Exposure:

    Cookware / utensils / cans made with Al, antiperspirants that contain Al Chlorhydrate, anti caking agent in table sugar and table salt, baking powder, emulsifier in some processed cheese, bleaching agent used to whiten flour, Ai foil food wrap, cigarette filters, antacids - Al Hydroxide, some toothpastes and cosmetics.


    Aluminum Free Choices:

    Surgical grade stainless steel / iron / glass cookware, antiperspirants made of rock salt / tea tree oil / green tea / sage or that say Al free one the label, raw honey, natural rock salt / sea salt, Rumford baking powder.

  • What Is Clinical Massage Therapy?

    How Are Clinical and 'Regular' Massage Different?

    Those practicing Timberlake Method Somatic Release treat musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction by using the body's built-in release mechanisms. While all massage procedures can be beneficial when properly applied, the clinical massage therapist uses specific procedures to treat tissue disorder.

    What Types of Dysfunctions Are Successfully Treated With Clinical Massage?

    Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction
    Pain and/or physiological dysfunction originating from identifiable points within muscles and their fascial tissues are known as 'trigger points' because they often trigger distant reactions.

    Former White House Physician, Janet Travell, MD, and others have developed extensive maps of such referred pain. They have also identified nearly a hundred dysfunctions that can have myofascial trigger point origins. Some of these are: carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ dysfunction, PMS, headache, diarrhea, dizziness, cardiac arrhythmia, indigestion, tennis elbow, urinary frequency, sinusitis, deafness, and blurred vision.

    Fascial Plane Dysfunction
    The body's own version of 'Saran Wrap,' fascia covers most of the body in large, continuously connected sheets. Injury, postural patterns and chemical imbalances can cause these sheets to distort and bind to themselves and nearby tissues. Since all major blood vessels and nerves follow these fascial sheaths through the body, properly aligned and released fascia is vital to good health and the proper operation of the circulatory and nervous system.

    Neuromuscular Dysfunction
    The smallest muscular activity requires that countless nerve impulses be sent to the muscle to be activated and to all of the adjoining and opposing muscles. As an example, in the simplest motion of flexing your elbow, you must tighten the biceps and other associated muscles while simultaneously relaxing the triceps and other associated muscles. The combined nervous activity and muscular response must be precisely timed and exactly proportionate.

    For more complex movements like rotating the head or taking a breath, the amount of coordinating activity is multiplied astronomically. Unfortunately, the mechanism responsible for such coordination can break down and muscle fibers or whole muscles can actually lock in opposition to their normal activity.

    Tonus System Dysfunction
    When over-used (either by a single, too strenuous effort or by extended, repetitive activity), muscles can lose their ability to understand how to relax. Referred to as hypertonic, such muscles are overly tight, tend to harbor myofascial trigger points, and cause stress on the muscles that oppose them and the joints that they cross.

    Dermatomic and Spondylogenic Dysfunctions
    If a nerve is 'pinched' where it leaves the spine, or anywhere along its route, the area that nerve serves will feel pain. Many people have experienced such a problem with the sciatic nerve. It originates in the low back, but when pinched can make the knee, shin, or heel hurt. This is an example of dermatomic pain - literally translated - pain in an area of skin.

    Spondylogenic dysfunction occurs when the joints of the spine are compressed or otherwise impaired and cause their own special trigger pint-type pain or dysfunction.

    Both of these are successfully treated with clinical massage by loosening the muscles and other soft tissue that surrounds the affected joint or nerve.

    What Are The Procedures Used In Clinical Massage?

    Massage therapists trained in clinical massage can use a variety of body work procedures appropriate to the person/condition being treated. Most of these procedures will involve 'releasing' the body from a dysfunctional holding pattern that has developed as the result of the client's accommodating to a recent or old injury or misuse. Among these procedures are:

     Neuromuscular/Myofascial Therapy
    A method of carefully searching for and treating ischemic locations and the trigger points that are often the key factors in chronic and severe pain. This type of therapy is widely acclaimed and extremely successful in pain relief.
     Fascial Release
    Very gentle, subtle manipulation of the fascial planes to release and normalize fascial sheaths. Because the subtleties of this therapy require a well-trained, sensitive therapist, few patients have previously been able to experience its benefits.
     Post-isometric Muscle Release
    Gently facilitated join movement to assist a muscle in regaining a normal, relaxed length. The client actively participates.
     Energy Release
    Passive touch used in such a manner as to help the client's nervous system release and normalize dysfunctional holding patterns.
     Swedish Massage
    A systematic application of procedures known to enhance circulation of blood and lymph (among other benefits).
    A competent massage therapist will use all of these procedures with one goal in mind - helping the body to regain balance and normalcy. Massage therapy doesn't 'cure,' it helps the body develop its own healing environment.

    Who Can Benefit From Clinical Massage Therapy?

    The procedures described in the preceding paragraphs are helpful for an incredible number of symptoms that arise when musculoskeletal problems exist. It is impossible to list with any completeness the disorders that have been successfully treated. Instead, we have listed below some general symptoms that may indicate muscular problems that can be treated, and which could be the unexpected origins of serious physiological dysfunctions:

    • Any chronic muscle or joint pain
    • A known condition of referred pain, such as 'when my neck gets tense, I get a headache.'
    • Any recurring symptoms that seem to accompany or are precipitated by muscle tightness
    • Tight muscles that are limiting the mobility of a joint
    • Chronically fatigued muscles
    • Low energy level, especially when accompanied by muscle aches and pains
    • A recent muscle injury that generates pain or dysfunction in areas not seemingly involved in the injury
    • Any visceral dysfunction that tests negative for conventional causes
    • Muscle pain that recurs in an area with no apparent new cause
    • A tendency for pain to spread to other muscles whenever a simple strain or injury occurs.

    Massage Therapy is not a cure-all. A competent therapist will advise you on its applicability to your symptoms.


    Accommodation or Compensation - Involuntary activities of the body allowing us to more easily tolerate painful conditions. For instance, you may have learned to twist your head slightly to accommodate a sprained ankle. A holding pattern is a compensation that has become permanent. The original compensation may have been for physical or psychological trauma.

    Facia - Connective tissue abundant and protein incapable of great binding strength. It covers all muscle cells, all muscles, many muscle groups, viscera, any entire body just need to scan. Tracy has a rich nerve and blood supply and is well adapted to healing. When injured, it often heels indiscriminately, binding together tissue that should not be bound. Abdominal adhesions are a well-known example.

    Holding pattern - see “accommodation”

    Ischemia - the flow of blood is intricately controlled, allowing the nervous system to limit or stop blood flow to small portions of our muscles. When long term, thisischemia, causes a lack of oxygen and nutrition. Myofascial trigger points are aggravated (or caused ) I by ischemia.

  • What is Contact Reflex Analysis?

    Contact reflex analysis, also known as CRA, is a simple, safe, natural method of analyzing the body structural, physical, and nutritional needs. A deficiency in any of these areas could cause or contribute to various acute or chronic health problems.

    CRA is not a method of diagnosis. It is a means by which the doctor uses the bodies reflexes to accurately determine the root cause of a health problem.

    CRA is also a marvelous preventative technique, used to find problems before it becomes a full-blown health issue. Find it early and correct it.

    CRA reveals the route of a health problem

    Many times the symptoms of a health problem are treated while the actual source of the problem continues to go undetected. For example, headaches are treated with aspirin, coughs are treated with cough medicine. If these symptoms persist, expensive tests are run and stronger medications are prescribed. But the question still remains. What's causing the headache? What's causing the cough.

    There is hope. CRA is different. CRA quickly and accurately uncovers the root of the health problem and provides the doctor with answers for correcting it.

    Procedure of contact reflex analysis

    Hundreds of miles of nerves carry electrical energy and connect with every organ, gland, muscle and tissue. There are approximately 75 known reflex areas on the skin which represent various organs, glands, and bone structures. It is believed that when the body becomes ill there is an interruption of nerve energy to these reflexes. The reflex, when tested, Will ask similar to a circuit breaker under an overload.

    To test the reflex, the doctor will use the patients are muscle (or any other muscle) as a “circuit” indicator. When the doctors fingertip comes near or touches a healthy reflex, the arm muscle will remain strong. Nerve energy is flowing freely. The doctor will not be able to push the patients arm down without exerting a lot of force.

    However, if your arm muscle is suddenly weak, and the doctor can easily push the patients arm down, a “hot circuit breaker” has been located. The nerve energy has been interrupted. Using this reflects information, the doctor will know if the problem is structural, physical, or nutritional.

    When the deficiencies uncovered, an exact structural and or nutritional support can be given to help the body heal.

    Deficiencies and illness

    A structural deficiency could inhibit the necessary flow of energy and nutrition to specific organs, muscles, glands… thus causing a health problem.

    Physical deficiencies are caused by environmental agents such as chemicals, parasites, viruses, and bacteria that attacked the body and make it sick. Proper nutrition needs to be given to strengthen and or support the problem area.

    Health authorities are finally admitting that good nutrition is very important to get help.

    Natural health professionals continue to prove that most health disorder share the same route problem; and proper body function, brought about by nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle.

    CRA is accurate

    A great degree of accuracy is possible with. It will even uncover deficiencies at a subclinical level; that is when the problem is so tiny that the person may not be aware of it, and many modern methods of testing cannot detect it.

    Until CRA, the methods for determining the body structural, physical, and nutritional needs were costly, and time-consuming, and at times frightening. The only method of determining a nutritional needs was by a person symptoms, and expensive lab work, and the doctors knowledge of biochemistry, physiology, and nutrition. An educated guess was made.

    Now was CRA, educated guess is no longer necessary. CRA is the finest natural method of guiding the doctor to the root of the problem.

    With CRA, the doctor is also able to prove the patient at the source of the problem has been located, and that the proper nutritional support and or structural procedure has been given.

    Amazing facts about your body

    Except for your brain cells, 50 million of the cells in your body Will have died and been replaced with others, all while you have been reading this sentence.

    The adult heart beats about 40 million times a year. In one hour, the hard work hard enough to produce enough energy to raise almost 1 ton of weight 1 yard from the ground.

    The liver is often called the body's chemical factory. Scientists have counted 500 different liver functions.

    The central nervous system is connected to every part of the body by 43 pairs of nerves. 12 pairs go to and from the brain, and 31 go from the spinal cord. There are nearly 45 miles of nerves running three our bodies.

    Messages travel along the nerves as electrical impulses. The fastest they travel is about 248 mph.

    In 1 square inch of skin there are 4 yards of nerve fibers, 1300 nerve cells, 100 sweat glands, 3 million cells and 3 yards of blood vessels.

    The point behind all of these facts is that your body is a wonderful, complex creation. Like a machine, all of its parts(organs, glands, muscles, and tissues) must be in good working condition. It's electrical system (nervous system) must be caring energy smoothly to all areas. There must not be any short-circuits. Finally, it must be fueled with the proper nutrition to keep it functioning, alive and well.

    CRA is used in many health professions

    CRA was researched and developed by Dr.Versendall, D.C., along with an M.D., clinical nutritionist, of dentist and hematologist during the past 30 years. CRA has been taught in continuing education seminars across the United States to all health professionals for over 25 years. There are health professionals all across the country if you are proficient in CRA.

    Do I need CRA?

    Ask yourself these questions:

    Do I have a health problem that has not responded to ordinary Orthodox medical care?

    Is it possible that I could have a nutritional, physical or structural deficiency that could be affecting my health?

    Do I want to prevent any subclinical conditions from becoming full-blown health problems?

    Could my mental health be affecting my nutritional, physical, or structural deficiencies?

    Is there someone I know, who is in poor health, who could be helped by CRA?

    If you have any further questions or wish to know how CRA can help you or your loved ones, speak with your CRA practitioner.

    What's some clients of CRA say,

    “after my heart attack, I didn't think there was anything I could do to improve my condition, but CRA found deficiencies that we were able to support and now I am better than. ever..”

    -R. Neil NY

    "I had chronic fatigue and headaches that would send me to bed. I thought I would have to live with them forever, but thanks to CRA I am full of energy and no more headaches. Thank God for CRA.”

    -S. Wood, IN

    “in my 16 years of practicing as a dentist, I have never known any method of analysis, technique, treatment or nutritional presentation so helpful, so exact, so satisfying, and have such a high level of quality as contact reflex analysis.”

    -Donald W. Warren, D.D.S., Clinton, AR

    “having talking to major medical schools as well as having extensive experience in nutritional biochemistry, pharmacology, oncology, and gastroenterology, I feel this valued work should be utilize extensively by all healthcare providers as a mandatory basis for their practice environment.”

    -Steven Nelson, R.Ph; Pharm. D; Ph.D.

    Banning, CA

    “after being in critical care medicine for over 20 years now, including being an instructor of advanced diagnostics, my knowledge pales compared to the information in CRA”

    -P. Neil, R.N.;B.S.N.;M.S.N.,

    Vista, CA

  • Additional Education

    Belvaspata Healing of the Heart, Grandmastery Level, 7/08

    Voice-Bio Sound Therapist, Kae Thompson-Liu, VIBEprints Corp., 8/05

    Face, Tongue, Nail Analysis, The Institute of the National Assn. of Certified National Health Professionals, 7/05

    Nature’s Sunshine Herb Specialist, School of Natural Health, 3/04

    Natural Health Consultant, Nature’s Sunshine (Tree of Life Institute), Provo, Utah, 10/02

    Aromatherapy, Nature’s Sunshine (Tree of Life Institute), 2001

    Advanced Iridology and Related Anatomy, Miesse’s Heath Service, 4/01

    Pupil & Sclera, IRIS 12/99

    Kinesiology/Muscle Testing, International Kinesiology College, Culver City, CA 4/98

    Opthalmosomatic Analyst, Center for Building Better Health Naturally, 9/98
    Applied Clinical Nutrition and Contact Reflex Analysis, Parker College, Dallas, TX, 8/96

    Prescription Drugs & Their Natural Alternatives, Nature’s Sunshine, (Tree of Life Institute)

    The Art of Herbal Healing, Nature’s Sunshine (Tree of Life Institute)
    Spinal Syndesmobilization Therapist, Spinal Orthapathic Syndesmobilization Therapy Institute in spinal connective tissue therapy, 6/96
    Natural Remedies for Common Ailments, Nature’s Sunshine (Tree of Life Institute)

    Mastering Modern Herbal Medicine, Nature’s Sunshine (Tree of Life Institute)

    Timberlake Massage Therapies, Mary Tuchsherer, D.C., Ph.D., 1/94

    Sports and Therapeutic Massage l and 2, AMTA National Sports Massage Team, February and March 1991